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When and How can I buy tickets?

Tickets are on sale NOW! Visit to buy yours now! Note, there are limited quantities at early bird prices so get in quick!

How can I help?

We are always looking for enthusiastic and trustworthy volunteers. A benefit of helping out is you get a free ticket! If you have any special skills you can offer or just want to be a general volunteer please watch out on the call for DevFest volunteers on Slack NOW or let us know in the #gdg-volunteers channel. Please do this before you purchase a ticket as we may not be able to refund tickets in all circumstances.

How can I get a free ticket?

The best way to get a free ticket is to volunteer! See our volunteering question above!


Is DevFest a not for profit event?

Yes, DevFest is led by GDG Melbourne (which is a not for profit community group) and this year we are partnering with YOW (which is a not for profit organisation) to help us out and to make it bigger and better. We charge for tickets and have sponsors to cover all the costs, of which there are many.

Why are you partnering with YOW?

DevFest is by far GDG Melbourne's biggest event of the year. Being a whole day event, with more people, speakers, costs and huge amounts of organising effort required, we need some help. By partnering with YOW in specific areas, it reduces the lift on GDG Melbourne organisers and volunteers. In turn, this allows us to: 1. Continue to run our other monthly events without interuption 2. Make DevFest bigger and better and thus deliver more value to the community

How can I be a speaker? What if I am new to speaking?

Our call for speakers has now closed. We would still love you to attend though. We are always looking for speakers for our regular monthly meetups. Please reach out on Slack in the #speakers channel and we can schedule you in!

Are all the talks about Google and Android?

No! We will have talks on a lot of different topics. These may include:
Google Assistant / Actions
IoT (Internet of Things)
Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Gaming Development
Chrome OS
Cloud Technologies
Angular / Web
Material Design
UI / UX Design
Diversity & Inclusion
Non-Technical / Inspirational


When and Where ?

DevFest is an all day conference held on Sturday 9th of November. It will be held at Australia Post at 111 Bourke street, Melbourne on levels 10 and 11: Google Maps location

What accessibility accomodations will there be at the venue?

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, we will be using stairs mainly to get between the two levels (levels 10 & 11) but if you need to use the elevator there will be people that can give you access at all times. The venue will also have disabled bathrooms available. All talks are recorded and will have large format projected slides. If you need to have seating at the front of the room, please let us know and we can make sure some space is set aside in each room. If there is anything else you need to be able to attend and enjoy the talks please let our helpful volunteers or organisers know. When purchasing a ticket there is a field where you can put any special requirements you may have and we will pass it on to the logistics team.

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